Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old furniture

I found this old dresser type cabinet thingy at a garage sale. I think I might have paid $10 for this one.

Here is a side view of where a door once was but is now broken off.

So I knew my daughter loved her books and she needed a bookshelf. And her favorite color is purple. Here was my final results.

I took off the door latch, and what was left of the door. painted that baby up! My daughter loves it! and so do all her books.

Now here was a side table I picked up for $5 at the same garage sale
Yeah, it was a bit ugly. But I saw the beauty in this one.

Again I sanded this one down and painted it

Im loving the color but I need to add something to it. Once I come across the perfect thing/color of paint or whatever I will add to this.

Now back to my daughter and her love for the color purple.
We found this for maybe a buck. You see these everywhere! (garage sales, thrift stores)
Time to work a little magic!

Now she has something to place all her tiny treasures.

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